Where to begin....

1. The first step is to contact us at our Lettings Place office and we will register your details and discuss your search requirements

  • Consider your “must-have” criteria - what won’t you compromise on, and what would constitute a ‘deal-breaker’?
  • Budget - how much would you be prepared to pay for the right property?
  • Length of tenancy - how long are you planning on living in your desired area? This is so we can match you to a suitable property.
  • When do you want to move? We recommend beginning your search around 6-8 weeks prior to your ideal move date.

2. View a selection of properties from our extensive portfolio

  • We will show you the best properties available in line with your requirements.
  • The rental property market moves very quickly. If you find the perfect property, one that suits the majority of your requirements, you may wish to place an offer on the same day - be prepared, it may be the first one you see!

Found the right place?

3. Placing an offer

  • Upon finding a suitable property, complete an application form and forward to us either by email or by hand, ensuring all sections are filled in and clearly stated.

4. Offer accepted

  • Upon acceptance of your offer, you will be sent the Tenancy Agreement and other necessary documentation which should be read through thoroughly. Our staff will be pleased to help should you have any questions.
  • Reference checks will be made at this stage - please ensure you can provide bank details and the contact details of your previous landlord, along with those of your employer. Referencing charges may apply.
  • Future payments for monthly rent are taken by standing order in advance so please have your bank account details available to complete the form. Please note the signature must be an original as faxed copies are not accepted by the banks.

Home sweet home

5. Moving in Provided that all payments, documents and references are in order, your keys will be available for collection on the start date of the tenancy, usually from the office or via appointment with a member of staff.

You will need to inform your utility providers that you have moved into the property and ensure that all accounts are transferred into your name as quickly as possible. (If not managed by us)

A copy of the inventory check-in report will be sent to you (usually by email) shortly after move-in. Should you have any comments or questions, they should be raised as soon as possible after receipt.

6. What if I need help during my tenancy?

  • If your property is managed by The Lettings Place you will be advised of the name and contact details of your Property Manager at the start of the tenancy. Please feel free to contact them at any time to discuss any questions or problems you may have.
  • If your property is managed by the landlord, you should contact them directly for any maintenance issues. For any questions regarding tenancy agreements, break clauses, payments or renewals, please contact our office and we will provide you with all the necessary contact numbers upon moving in.
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